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To master a skill necessary for survival.
Nothing that you couldn't do with a little practice.
That one place over there, you know where I'm talking about, right? No, not that one. The building just down the street from there.
"Change is inevitable except from vending-machines." Unknown.
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I will try to express my thoughts to the fullest extent of my ability by only using the most proper words that I can find. When I cannot find the proper word I will settle for only the finest of substitutes. I will strive to fully express my understanding, but will not go that little bit extra. This is the genius I ask to keep for myself. To elaborate is to have more people relate, thus making fewer people think of me as an individual.

R@Np0M Q&A with Sinepyriah and Himself.

Himself: What are your three favorite websites according to your history?
Sinepyriah: E2, Ampland and Youtube.
Himself: Ampland?
Sinepyriah: Find out for yourself.
Himself: What's there, porn?
Himself: How many Cd's do you own?
Sinepyriah: Two Hundred. And Twenty. Two. But that's a rough approximation.
Himself: Have you ever traveled out of the country you live in?
Sinepyriah: Nope. These aren't very random.
Himself: Are you afraid to die?
Sinepyriah: Sometimes. Nope not random at all.
Himself: Are you always a dick to everyone?
Sinepyriah: Yep.
Himself: Even to your grandma?
Sinepyriah: Sometimes, it comes with the territory.
Himself: Your mom?
Sinepyriah: Nope only to your mom! She loves that kind of shit.
Himself: This fucking interview is over.
Sinepyriah: No wait, do you see that 10 ft. elf walking a way?
Him's elf: There is no reason to make fun of me because of my mutated genetics.
Sinepyriah: Sorry, I thought I was just dreaming. So, you're real?
Him's elf: Better believe it.
Sinepyriah: Those assholes dosed me!
Him's elf: Sorry, I don't follow?
Sinepyriah: SsShit.
Him's elf: Are you alright dude?
Sinepyriah: SHIT, somebody slipped me some acid!
Sinepyriah: --Fuck.
Him's elf: What kind of acid, are you sure you're going to be okay?
Sinepyriah: It was some very pure LSD; I'll be alright I think.
Him's elf: What does LSD do?
Sinepyriah: It's kinda hard to explain, it turns your entire cerebral cortex on at once.
Sinepyriah: When they say a person is only using 10% at any given time.
Sinepyriah: --Lets just say, it gives people super powers.
Him's elf: What kind of super powers do you have?
Sinepyriah: The ability to see things that are not really there, they're there, but go unseen by normal pupils.
Himself:....(dazed and confused)
Him's elf: So, Sine?
Sinepyriah: Oh God. Here we go again. Yes, Elf boy?
Elf boy: Are you feeling alright?
Sinepyriah: Yep, but do you see those purple elephants?
Himself: Are you sure your alright?
Sinepyriah: MAN, my fuc-King hands are melting.