Jonny Jakobsen (1963- ) is a Swedish europop/eurodance artist known for recording synthesizer-based dance albums under assumed personas of various ethnicities. For his first effort, he assumed the persona of an American backwoods redneck Johnny Moonshine, recording the album Johnny Moonshine and the Troubled Water Band in 1995. He then gained fame in Europe for his extremely stereotypical Indian taxi driver persona, Dr. Bombay, recording the album Rice and Curry in 1998. The Dr. Bombay song "Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)" went to no. 1 on the charts in Sweden and no. 2 in Norway, and "S.O.S (The Tiger Took My Family)" reached no. 2 and no. 6, respectively. His followup album Under the Kilt (2000), recorded in the persona of the supposedly Scottish Dr. MacDoo, was not a big hit, but his 2005 album Fiesta, sung in the manner of a sterotypical Mexican named Carlito, was big in Japan, and Carlito songs can still be found in the menu of any karaoke parlor in Japan to this day.

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