Why don’t you trust me?
I thought that you knew me.
When have I ever looked that weak?

Don’t do it for me
And don’t just ignore me,
When I tell you we need to speak.

You treat me like I’m not capable
Of making my own decisions.
Meddling in my life again
So you can build your own delusions.

Well, I don’t want or need your help.
I’m making my own choices.
And I hope that you don’t get offended
When I’m ignoring all your voices.

I know that you just mean well.
And it keeps me from getting too frustrated.
But this shit has got to stop.
It getting so damn complicated.

We are people, not your puzzle pieces.
You can’t just go and arrange me.
And I just can’t take it anymore,
Better get ready to face me.

Because I’m coming for you.

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