To get an idea of what Osymyso sounds like, imagine if The Avalanches were condensed into a single person. Osymyso's sound is a seamless blend of sound collage, pop songs, instrumentals, breakbeat and electro. Osymyso is electronic music in the most general sense of the term in that he both writes original material and loops together samples. He has done video work and live film re-scoring. He has done remixes for legendary British satirist/artist Chris Morris—both video and audio.

In the beginning of this millenium, Osymyso became a sensation after creating the bastard pop hit Intro-Inspection, a twelve minute track composed entirely of intros from well-known popular songs. The track will never be "officially released" due to the insanely high cost of clearing the myriad samples contained therein.

Osymyso's first full, official release was 1999's Welcome to the Palindrome. In a bizarre form of appropriation, Sarah Palin used that same name for her 2008 campaign blog.

Osymyso is the alias for Mark Nicholson. Mark made the name "Osymyso" up while riding the Jubilee line back in '94. In 2005, Mark began releasing new material under O5ymy5o with the intention of completing 50 tracks in a year. Although he fell short of his goal, he intends to carry on with the project, eventually.

Osymyso also participated in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remix competition; you may hear his submission here.



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