A celebration of places that aren't; or, "Where did you get that passport?"

During the month of August, NowhereQuest seeks to document countries and territories that no longer exist, or that haven't yet been born. From the sketchy patches of terra nullius still out there, to dead and buried empires, to micronations that only exist in pipe dreams and thought experiments.

You may even wish to document specific groups of people who share those pipe dreams, or their attempts to form communes, secessionist compounds, or floating anarcho-utopias.

Factuals are most highly valued, though if you can make other writeups informative or interesting, they are also welcome. The quest runs for the whole month of August, with server timestamps being authoritative.

Winners will be selected by me, based on wholly subjective criteria, and will be eligible for the usual chings, audit offers, and weird stuff delivered via postal mail.

The grand prize is rather special. Should you win it, and want it, you will receive a numbered print of one of my best photographs taken in contested territory. These were originally given out to family and friends only; there is one left. The print is very large format, and will come in a mailing tube, because frames that size are difficult to ship properly.

If you'd rather have something else, I can arrange for an auxiliary prize.

Leave a link to the quest at the bottom of your NowhereQuest writeups, and I'll see to it that they get added to the quest index for posterity.

Questions? Prize donations? Boos, hisses, and rotten tomatoes? I'm just a /msg away.

Places to start:

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