Molossia is what happens when a fourteen year old troll gets one of those silly-yet-fun ideas into his head, and then actually sticks with it for nearly 40 years.

Specifically, Molossia is a pseudo micronation within the United States. It has two Provinces, the Harmony Province which is almost an acre and a half and located near Dayton, Nevada. The Harmony Province is home to President Kevin Baugh-- who is possibly the world's greatest troll (or at least most dedicated) and his family, and it is the center of the Molassian government. The other territory is the five acre Desert Homestead Province in San Bernardino County in southern California. The Desert Homestead Province was inherited by Baugh from his grandfather, and is mostly a barren desert that has been decreed a "National Monument" in grandpa James E. Baugh's honor.

There were also a few other territories, including the eight acre Pennsylvanian Protectorate of New Antrim and the Colony of Farfalla in California, both of which are no longer part of Molossia.

Molossia also brags of having 49,881 square miles on Venus (a land called Vesperia), and a spot in the Pacific Ocean called Neptune's Deep that's almost 500 miles southwest of Mexico.

Molossia currently has a population of 26, including Baugh's four dogs.


In 1977, 14 year old Kevin Baugh and James Spielman got it into their heads to create their own country, a place they called "The Grand Republic of Vuldstein." Spielman was declared king and Baugh was Prime Minister. Vuldstein went on a break after that, presumably while the boys were off discovering what girls were, but the dream came roaring back to life in 1980. King Spielman dropped out of the running, leaving matters to Minister Baugh who changed the name to the "Kingdom of Edelstein," then changed the name again in 1988 to "Kingdom of Zaria."

In 1998, Premier Baugh got to Nevada, purchased some land, and set down roots. That June, the kingdom renounced the monarchy and became a "provisional communist government," then joined the United Provinces of Utopia-- basically a club for micronations sort of like the UN, but not. Molossia became a province of the UPOU, but gained sovereignty back when the UPOU disbanded in 1999. After that, Molossia renounced communism, switched its name from "People's Democratic Republic of Molossia" to "Republic of Molossia" and Premier Kevin became President Kevin.


In May, 2006, Molossia was attacked by nearby nation Mustachistan. Baugh had helped Ali-Ali Achsenfree (actually a friend of Baugh's who wanted in on this nonsense) found the nation of Mustachistan, only for Aschenfree to turn around and declare war. There was a land dispute, as Sultan Achsenfree claimed Molossia rested on Mustachistan land. The war consisted of three battles and a resounding Molossian victory, and ended on June 8. Mustachistan signed a treaty saying Molossia could keep its land, and paid reparations in the form of tubes of cookie dough. The two nations are still light-heartedly feuding with one another, though, especially after "Mustachistan Missile Crisis" where Mustachistan launched its first (model) rocket, the Goatshead. Though officially, Molossian military action was prohibited, that didn't stop the Molossians from raiding the Mustachistani missile complex (read: garage, probably) and destroying the rocket.

In 2009, another micronation called the Empire of Somple declared war with Molossia. There were no battles or conflicts, though Somple did gather allies in the form of other micronations. President Baugh's reaction upon hearing about the war was a resounding 'meh.' He stated in an email regarding the war that he chose "to ignore it," stating that he had "much better things to do." After that, the war effort more or less collapsed in on itself, with other micronations backing out and claiming neutrality until Somple was forced to sit down quietly. It is considered to be a Molossian victory, and Somple Empire disbanded later that year.

In addition, Molossia is still technically at war with East Germany.

Modern Era

These days, Molossia boasts a rousing tourist trade of about a dozen people a year. Passports are not required for entrance into the country, but they are highly recommended and will be stamped. Foreign nationals are allowed to stay up to three hours within Molossia borders as tourists, provided they have permission.

Molossia customs officials (read: Baugh and his family) prohibit people from bringing into the nation a number of things, including guns and ammunition, drugs and alcohol, incandescent lightbulbs and plastic shopping bags (as Molossia went green a decade ago), as well as "Catfish, 'Fresh' Spinach, Missionaries and salesmen, Onions and Walruses."

According to the official Molossia website, "The Republic of Molossia has its own Navy, Naval Academy, Space Program, Railroad, Postal Service, Bank, tourist attractions, measurement system, holidays, online movie theater, online radio station, and even its own time zone."

They claim that, as a sovereign nation, they do not pay taxes to the United States Government, but they do happen to give an equivalent amount to the US in foreign aid ("They need it - have you seen their roads?")

Molossia currently isn't accepting any applications for citizenship.


A significant portion of Molossia's recognition is due to the That Guy With The Glasses six part anniversary special, Kickassia. While normally TGWTG is dedicated to video reviews of various media, the Kickassia special had the reviewers (as their respective characters) gathering together to invade Molossia and rename it Kickassia-- an endeavor that was completed successfully, but soon fell apart due to the group's infighting. The special was filmed on location in Molossia and the motel down the road, and Kevin Baugh stars as a caricature version of himself.

Here is a link to the official Molossian website. In it you can find any and all information you ever wanted to know about the workings of the Molossian government, the culture, the tourist sites, and everything else. It's equal parts insane and amazing.

This is a link to the first part of TGWTG Kickassia special.

Cheesus Crust, look at this beautiful bastard. He knows exactly what he's doing, and he loves every second of it.

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