My Fellow Noders:

An analysis of the history of science shows that change is exponential, contrary to the common sense "intuitive linear" view.
So we won't experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress at this rate.

The new millennium has ushered in many developments in familiar areas of science. While it seems like little can be truly "new" anymore, scientists in recent years have shown us that there is much more to discover about our world and about ourselves.

What we're looking for in this Quest:

  • writeups on the subject of any science, e.g., physics, psychology, mathematics since 2000
  • thoughtful factual writeups that are well cited where applicable regarding science in the new millenium
  • information, thoughts, and/or observations about advances in science from the year 2000 until now
  • biographical writeups about scientists who have made contributions to their field since 2000
  • reviews of science papers or texts that have been published since 2000
  • all submitted writeups must be timestamped within the quest time frame

All submissions for this quest are to be sent to RainDropUp, who will be running this quest with the assistance of Oolong and his nifty god powers.

Your hard work will not go unrewarded-!

All worthy submissions to this quest will receive:

8 XP: One for each year since 2000!

The top five submissions by reputation will also receive:

25 XP, 20 XP, 15 XP, 10 XP and 5 XP, respectively.

This in addition to the piles of upvotes and the potential C!s that also await you.

This quest will begin at 12:00:00 AM on March 8, 2008 and end at 12:00:00 AM on April 8, 2008 server time.
All new writeups submitted to RainDropUp within that time frame will be considered.

The quest is now closed, thank you.

Okay, now get noding!

1 Kurzweil, Raymond. The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. Viking: 2005

And behold:

That Thursday the Universe was curved in the morning and was flat again by afternoon by SyntaxVorlon
Scientific progress: a pessimist's view by Noung
Baby-Step, Giant-Step algorithm by Wntrmute
Cheap Science by lsisus

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