SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2012

Two weekends. Ten days. One gabillion writeups.

Or thereabouts.

SuperMegaNodeFestQuest is a challenge to you to post as many writeups as you can over one week. With a twist -- It's also a scavenger hunt! Of sorts.

The Hunt is On!

In the tradition of scavenger hunts, the goal is to node as many of these things as you possibly can. But it is totally okay to node a scary poem, and count it under horror and poetry. Or write a recipe for a samosa and count it as your recipe writeup and your India writeup. Obviously, you don't need to do all of these; the winner is the one who gets the most. Oh, and new items may be added to this list at any time. In fact, you are welcome to suggest any interesting notions that pop into your head.

Things to node:

  1. A factual writeup.
  2. A work of fiction other than a poem.
  3. A poem.
  4. A review.
  5. A writeup about an animal.
  6. A writeup about a monster.
  7. Fill a nodeshell from wertperch's nodeshell challenge. (Please let wertperch know if you fill one of his nodeshells!)
  8. Something silly.
  9. A daylog.
  10. A recipe.
  11. A writeup about throwing things out of windows.
  12. A writeup about England.
  13. A writeup about Japan.
  14. A writeup about India.
  15. A writeup about a recent event in the news.
  16. A writeup with at least five appropriate references to peer reviewed journals.
  17. A lede (you do not have to use the nodetype lede).
  18. A writeup containing a foreign word (not in English dictionaries; be warned, I have a Big Dictionary).
  19. Something from your childhood.
  20. A writeup that gets C!'d.
  21. A writeup that does not get C!'d.
  22. A writeup in a node that already has at least two writeups.
  23. A scary writeup.
  24. A writeup in a node with a title starting with X.
  25. A writeup involving death.
  26. A writeup in a nodeshell created by another quester. (Exclusive of wertperch; his nodeshells are already listed under his nodeshell challenge.)
  27. A writeup involving a sea creature (plant or animal).
  28. A writeup about a charity.
  29. A writeup containing any of three secret mystery words.
  30. Five writeups in any one of these categories.
  31. Quest outside the box: have at least three writeups that do not garner quest points (to be determined at the end of the quest).

  32. Quester Suggested Categories:
  33. A writeup in a node with a pun in the title (It still counts if you have to explain the joke. Just let me know.)
  34. A writeup involving future technology.
  35. A writeup involving a circus, carnival, or festival.

The Rules!

The quest starts on Friday the 13th. Everything you post between midnight server time 13/07/2012 and 23/07/2012 will be counted for the quest. Let me know that you are participating.

You may enter the quest after 13/07; entering the quest will automatically enter all writeups written during the quest period into the quest.

Please do not put little notes in your writeups letting everyone know that they were done for SMNFQ2012S!. It's not like Gone in 60 Seconds or The Blood is the Life: A Frightful Halloween Quest, where following the link is likely to turn up more of the same genre. Softlinking back here, though, is fine, and your quest writeups will all be listed in this node.

In the past SuperMegaNodeFestQuest has relied on an honor system, trusting that you will produce good content for the good of the database. WELL, NO MORE! Nothing with a rep of 0 or less will be counted towards the quest; deleted writeups will not be counted towards the quest. Everything else is good.

There is no length requirement.

Old writeups that are removed to draft and then reposted will not be counted. Seriously. Who does that?

The Prizes!

Aside from the inherent rewards that come from noding, you'll get one 10gp blessing for every five writeups you post as part of the Quest; there will also be GP rewards for 1st place (150 GP), 2nd place (100 GP), 3rd place (50 GP) and the possibility of honorable mentions.

And ALSO Tem42 will be donating one dollar to for every scavenger hunt item noded by each noder. And one dollar for every C! earned on a quest entry. And another dollar for any writeup topping a rep of 20. If you 'earn' $25 or more, you will be able to request a specific Kiva recipient (or country, or population, or gender). This will be donated under the E2 Lending Community.

Obviously, at one dollar a point, I am a cheapskate. Make me pay. Beat it out of me. Node like the vindictive philanthropist I know you are.

News Flash! oakling has promised a dollar per writeup to Free The Slaves (

The Questers:



decoy hunches

Evil Catullus


Lord Brawl


    • Ebirah (1, 6, 13, 18, 20, 27)
    • Xenopus (5, 17, 18, 24, 21)
    • Total: 2 writeups, 11 categories, 1 C!s, 1 over twenty = $2 for FTS, $13 for Kiva.



      Pandeism Fish


      • The Jesus Machine (2, 20, 25, 33)
      • Total: 1 writeup, 4 categories, 5 C!s, 0 over twenty = $1 for FTS, $9 for Kiva.

      Serjeant's Muse

      Sol Invictus

      • Kronos (1, 6, 18, 20, 25, 29, 34)
      • Total: 1 writeup, 7 categories, 5 C!s, 1 over twenty = $1 for FTS, $13 for Kiva.





      • Arch Linux (1, 4, 20)
      • Menachem (3, 25, 21)
      • Total: 2 writeups, 6 categories, 1 C!s, 0 over twenty = $2 for FTS, $7 for Kiva.




      The quest is over.

      It will take a while to tally everything up; if you are motivated to do so, you may want to check over the categories that I have listed after each of your entries, and make sure I got them right. The categories of Writeup-Not-C!'d and Quest-Outside-The-Box will not be assigned for 24 hours, to let the dust settle (in other words, if you want to go C! all of your competitors writeups, now is your chance).

      Oh, and the all-too-mysterious mystery words were 'panda', 'indigo', and 'transition'. Sol Invictus used the word 'transitional' in his writeup Kronos, and decoy hunches used the proper name Panda in his writeup Arm Of Roger ‎– The Ham And Its Lily. Next time I'll try to choose more popular words.

      The Winners!

      First place: moeyz and Zephronias
      With 24 categories each.
      150 GP each
      Third Place Jet-Poop
      With 20 categories.
      50 GP

      Honorable Mentions:

      The Lazer Focus Award: Sol Invictus had a 1:13 points-to-writeup ratio; also the most categories filled with one writeup (7).
      25 GP

      Bringing In the Money: Jet-Poop pulled $54 out of the aether.
      25 GP

      Missed It By That Much: decoy hunches missed tying for third place by one point.
      25 GP

      100 writeups total, equaling $100 to Free The Slaves.
      A large number of quest goals, equaling $352 to Kiva.
      A grand total of $452.

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