It is late here, and I am trying to talk softly in the microphone because my daughter is asleep in the next room. I never write at this time of night. I don't want to wake anyone, and I generally prefer to use the voice recognition at work during lunch break because it is a more comfortable computer environment. But tonight I was having trouble sleeping, and logged on to check messages, when I read the following in Jessica's recent daylog,

"For much of my life I've had notions that I or other people can't do certain things. In reality, most people can play baseball or write a book or learn to fly, they just aren't willing to invest whatever it would take or make sacrifices to turn their goal into an achievement."

All day I've been thinking about how I want to submit several write ups in the next two weeks, and I read this and just think, "Fuck." Enough thinking about it, it is time to start dictating out stuff just do it, just to force myself to sit down and put thoughts on the screen. And that is what I am going to do for the next two weeks. As she says,

"There are many things I can do and could be doing. Right now, I have to figure out where my energies are going to be most fulfilling and rewarding."

No more complaining about all the things that make me hesitant to get on the computer. And no more sending my mind and my energy in 1000 different directions. For the next two weeks, my leisure time, my personal time, my lunchtime, the quiet time in the morning as I drive to work, in meetings when my mind is wandering, I'm going to be thinking about something to write that day. My goal is to get eight writeups submitted in the next two weeks. Let's do this.

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