Lane Smith is the author and illustrator of It's a Book. Lane Smith makes books for children of all ages. His illustrations are top-notch and his writing razor-sharp.

The story is such: a monkey and a donkey are hanging out at home. The donkey has a laptop and the monkey has a book. The donkey is mystified by the monkey' s artifact and wants to know what the thing is, what it does, how one unlocks its magic. The monkey answers each of the donkey's questions with "It's a book."

I'm not going to spoil the story any further here.

If you're not familiar with Lane Smith's books, check out this trailer (yes, it's a video)

It's a Book induces mirth, contentment and LudditismRead it to children. Read it to that gadget-obsessed grown-up you know. Read it to yourself in the morning for optimal experiences every day.

It's a Book is 32 pages and was published in 2010 by Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of   Macmillan. It is about the same size as an iPad but not as thick.

For the younger set there is It's a Little Book, which is smaller, with slightly different illustrations and has those thick pages that hold up to chewing.

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