By The Pretenders
Track 4 on Pretenders (1980)

One of The Pretenders punkiest, though the odd time signature (alternating 5/4 6/4 time) makes it more than just a standard Ramones song.

The video for this song simply a filming of the band performing the song (not a live recording, however with a crowd). The energy all 4 bring to the performance makes it a watchable video, worthy of any airplay it receives on VH1 Classic.

The phrase "Tattooed love boys" has also entered the culture, somewhat. One reference I can recall was in Rolling Stone. A picture of Flea and Anthony Kiedis, shirtless and hugging each other, was captioned "Tattooed Love Boys?"

Tattooed Love Boys
Written by Chrissie Hynde

The line breaks are mine.

Start in alternating 5/4 6/4 time

The mid twenty joys
Around a heart that's black and blue 
Tattooed love boys 
I tore my knees up getting to you 
'Cause I needed 
To find out what the thing was for 
Been reading 
But man the time came to explore

Go to straight 4/4 time

I went apewire
Cause I thought 
Like I'd like it
Little tease 
But I didn't mean it 
But you mess with the goods doll, honey you gotta pay, yeah

Back to alternating 5/4 6/4 time

A good time
Was guaranteed for one and all 
The tattoos
Did target practice in the hall 
While waiting
For their number to get called out 
I, I, I, I found out what the wait was about

Back to straight 4/4

I was a good time,
Yeah, I got pretty good 
At changing tyres
Upstairs bro' 
I shot my mouth off and you showed me what that hole was for

Alternating 5/4 6/4 time again

Now i see you 
All impressed and half undressed
You got paint stick
All over the scars and lumps and bumps 
Tattooed love boys 
Have got you where i used to lay 
Well ha ha too bad, but you know what they say 

Straight 4/4 to the end

"Stop snivellin'!'
You're gonna make some plastic surgeon a rich man"
Oh, but the prestige and the glory 
Another human interest story 
Are that

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