Henohenomoheji (へのへのもへじ) is a face drawn from the hiragana characters of its name (he no he no mo he ji). Beloved by Japanese schoolchildren, Henohenomoheji are sometimes drawn on masks and dolls.

                 ZMM                            ZMM                             
               ~M7  7?                        8M8  I?                           
             ~MM      M?                    ~MD~     M.                         
            MM:        ,M                 .DM=        7M                        
           M8            $M:              MM            7M:                     
                           M?                             MI.                   
                 7MMMZZMM7                      .+8MD7=:                        
              +MM   MM   ZM8.               .:MM$  MM,,?MM:                     
      ~+    .MM     MD    ~M8.             .$M     MM    NM~                    
     .MM    ZM     MM      MM.            .IM=    IM7     MM                    
      M8    $M    OM       DM             .MM     MM      MM                    
     :MI    .MM7=MM                       .OM$   MN       ?M        +O          
     =M~                          N+        $MMMM:              ,M   IO,        
     78                           =M                             :M   $M,        
     Z7                            M                             .$7   ?M.      
     M=                            M:                             .O7   7O.     
     M,                            M~                              .D$   O+.     
     M                             M=                               .M=  .M.    
    :M                            7MMMNO$I.                          .M$        
    +8                       IMMM=.M+                                 .7:       
    $I                             M7                                           
    M?                             M8   N$                                      
    M=                             MM7M7                                         
    M=                       .MMMMMMM:                                          
    M=                             =M           .M,                             
    M+                              M:          MN                              
    M7                              DD         MM                               
    ZM                              ~M        MM                         M.     
    +M                              .MM+    IMZ                         ~I      
     M~                               MMMMMMM                           O       
     MN                                                                ,M      
     IM7                                                               +O       
      MM                                                              ?M,       
      +MD                          +O8$?,                             M$        
       ~M?                     ~NMMI  +?8MM+                         M?         
        7M:                ~MMM$          .?MMM7                    Z8          
         8M,                                   +MMM?               7M           
          DM:                                     :ZMMMZ          7M            
           OM=                                                  :ZM             
            ?MMMI                                              MMI              
              MMZ                                            ,NM:               
                MM=                                        .ZM~                 
                 ~MM=                                    .ZM?                   
                   ~MM$~.                            ..:MM+                     
                      $MMM=                        .?MMO                        
                         ~8MMN+~                7MMM=                           

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