Japanese word indicating a time of day. When it is suffixed to numbers by itself, it usually means "o'clock". However, it also conveys general notions of time and is used in words like ichinichi-ji (all day). Ji is not used alone -- it's basically a suffix or prefix.

Ima wa san-ji desu.
It's now 3:00.

Nan-ji ni okimashita ka.
What time did you wake up this morning?

Ichinichi literally means "one day". However, ichinichi-ji means "all day", i.e. all the hours in the day.

Kyoo wa okimasen yo. Ichinichi-ji nemashita yo.
I didn't wake up today...I slept all day!

Written ji, with the kanji for "time; hour".

-ji is a suffix in the indian dialect of Hindi. Meaning "the honorable," it is a respectful addition to any name. An example of its usage is as follows:

"Baghu, tuck in that shirt and put away that dirty magazine; Dibuji will be here any minute!"

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