An emoticon. Most effectively used as an expression of amazement. Here's how to make it:

IBM directions:

ALT-147, let go.
ALT-168, let go.
ALT 147, let go, and there it is 8).
*nix Instructions:
We use an echo octal ASCII value experession:
echo -e "\364\277\364"

HTML Instructions:
For all you crazy E2 folk who don't give a hoot about OSs:

ô¿ô = ô¿ô
sorry again for the silliness...

(Don't blame me for this silliness, XCthulhu asked me to...)

If you have MultiKey mapped to some key, an *NIX spelling would be:

MultiKey-^-o, MultiKey-?-?, MultiKey-^-o = ô¿ô

(You may need to repeat the circumflex if it's used combinatorily).

(OK, this is getting pretty silly. I promise not to participate in anything like this anymore. =)

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