Alrighty, I've no idea what kind of practical use anybody is going to get out of these, as they require (among other things) an espresso machine, a thing to steam/froth milk, and various flavored syrups, but here it is: how to make a raspberry mocha and a raspberry mocha milkshake.

Raspberry Mocha
10oz milk
1 shot raspberry syrup (While normally a shot is a full 1 1/2 ounces, you'll really only want to do one ounce for this unless you have a hummingbird sweet tooth. We use Torani syrups, but there are probably other viable options.)
2 shots espresso
2 pumps of chocolate syrup (Which equals about one ounce. We use Ghirardelli's Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Sauce, though some places use chocolate powders.)

Really, you can get this one at a Starbucks if you wanted to. Just order a mocha with a shot of raspberry. If done right, it basically tastes like a fancy chocolate candy with raspberry and a nice coffee kick.

    Start off with two shots of espresso. And don't just sit there, watching them pour, just start them and let the machine to it business while you go prepare the other stuff.
    In the cup you are going to be drinking out of, pump in the chocolate so it's pooled nicely at the bottom of the cup.
    Now get a little less than 10oz milk (any kind you like is good, though to be honest hot chocolate drinks never taste quite the same with soy). This is assuming you're going to have about a 12oz drink.
    Steam the milk. Don't froth, unless I guess you like froth in a mocha (not many people do) and you have an extra big cup on hand, because if you froth the milk at this point, a regular 12oz cup isn't going to cut it.
    By now your espresso shots should be finished, along with the milk. Stop steaming the milk, set it aside, and take the shots. Pour them into the cup with the chocolate. Stir that dark brown glop up until the chocolate is nice and liquified. Now pour in milk, SLOWLY, until it's about an inch and a half away from the top.
    Now toss in that shot of raspberry. Stir.
    Fill in any space left over with and milk you've got left. Depending on how much chocolate and raspberry syrup you used, there could be a little more or less left over. Ideally, though, you should have a flush 12oz.

A step further than that, though, assuming you have the resources is the shakified version.
You'll need:
Coffee ice cream (Not mocha, just plain coffee.)
One shot espresso
One shot raspberry syrup
Chocolate milk (Soy chocolate milk actually works better here than regular chocolate milk.)
A blender

    Now you get coffee ice cream, raspberry shots, espresso shots, and chocolate milk (here soy chocolate does better than regular milk).
    Get a blender. Dump in everything (liquid stuff poured in first so it's at the bottom, ice cream scooped in after so it's on top). Blend until it's smooth and shake-looking.
    Top with whippin' cream and gorge yourself.

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