Mild coffee drink with a chocolate taste. The drink is combined with milk to form a ballet in you mouth.

Nordicfrost's Cafe á la Mocca Special

  1. Always have the best ingredients. Fair trade fresh roasted, newly ground espresso coffee, fresh whole milk, chocolate syrup, grain sugar, vanilla and fresh water. Good chocolate is essential. Clean equipment is essential. Have an espresso machine with a kick-ass pressure.
  2. Pre-heat the glass, a 0,4 litre standard latté glass. Pour in chocolate syrup (to taste), mix with a little sugar and vanilla (to taste).
  3. Steam up some milk with froth.
  4. Make a double shot of espresso, pour the espresso in the glass. Stir well with chocolate until completly dissolved.
  5. Pour the milk in the glass, leave 3 cm until the edge of the glass. Stir well and top off with a little milk and some froth. Et voilá!