Torani is a brand of "Italian" flavoured syrups commonly used in Canadian coffee shops. There are a large variety of sweet and fruit flavours, some of which are only available seasonally (eg: egg nog). The most popular (or at least flagship) flavour is hazelnut.

In addition to flavouring coffee and espresso-based drinks, Torani (and competitors) can be mixed with straight steamed milk to create a steamer (sweet flavours recommended) or carbonated water to create an Italian soda (fruit flavours recommended). For some unknown reason, asking the barista to put less than the normal amount into a steamer results in an enhanced flavour that is more palatable to those without a sweet tooth.

Ingredients (for hazelnut flavour):

  1. pure cane sugar
  2. water
  3. natural flavors
  4. sodium benzoate
  5. potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)
  6. caramel color
  7. citric acid

Torani is bottled and manufactured by R. Torre & Co. of San Francisco (hence the scare quoted 'Italian', above).

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