Let's Talk E2, and Whatnot!

Standard XP Stoicism Disclaimer applies

Another day at Everything2, and for me another year of statistics, thanks to what's left of Cow of Doom's node tracker code. Looking over the first block provided by Node Tracker, it is obvious that I continue to have greatly reduced numbers post-Asamothing in 2008. Where pre-2008 many of my nodes (primarily factuals) bounced around in the high double digits, now only a handful are higher than 30. My highest, ironically enough XP Stoicism, had at that time jumped well above 100, but now my highest hovers around 67, and that through no merit of my own. Obviously part of this issue is that pre-2008, a greater number of voting occurred on any given day by a variety of users. The flipside to this is that while maybe we have fewer numbers of people voting each day now, and those voters are largely experienced users who have been around a while and predominantly have the power to C! a writeup. This has contributed to rising Cool Ratio now which currently resides at about 140%.

        E2 USER INFO: last update 2011-07-06 18:36:00

Nodes:     42 (+21)             XP:          6122 (+1287)       Cools:       59 (+31)
Max Rep:   67 (+32)             Min Rep:     10                 Total Rep:   933 (+541)
Node-Fu:   145.76 (-84.476)     WNF:         37.26 (+4.262)     Cool Ratio: 140.48% (+7.143%)
Merit:     19.95 (+3.136)       Average Rep: 22.21 (+3.548)     Median rep:  20 (+4)
Up votes:  973 (+562)           Devotion:    838 (+485)         Merit Range: 17 to 25
Max Cools: 4 (+1)               Down votes:  40 (+21)           Votes:       1013 (+583)
Max Votes: 77 (+42)               

As to what I am writing, the breakdown is also vastly different from the past. Daylogs are making up about 40% of my writing these days. This is because they are the quickest to prepare, and only require that I be in a certain frame of mind conducive to using my voice recognition. Any other type of writeup demands that I not only be willing to strap on the arm braces and headset, but that I'm also willing to pull together some research material or supporting documentation.

review: 19.0% how-to: 7.1% place: 2.4% essay: 9.5% person: 4.8% personal: 2.4% idea: 4.8% log: 38.1% thing: 11.9%

It was a busy year noding for me, which is almost laughable since my total output (21 writeups) is still less than the Iron Noder requirements for our regular November quest. Still, it doubled the total number of writeups I am responsible for since recommitting to everything2 a few years ago. Of this past year's writeups, one of them was an attempt to fill an empty nodeshell I had created several years ago and this time I chose to go a completely different direction with it. In its last incarnation, it was a factual writeup about stamp collecting that resembled the current Wikipedia article fairly closely. Since I have finally come around to acknowledge that the strength of e2 is in our ability to make it personal and more narrative based, my new incarnation for this node is less of a factual description of key terms for the stamp collecting hobby and more a personal essay about it from a general perspective. I was fairly pleased with it this time.

A writeup which was not as warmly received as I had hoped was Bu$hleaguer. Over the past six months I have become somewhat of a fan of Pearl Jam, and this was a node that I felt enthusiastic about but is probably about seven years too late. Despite that, I'm interested in pushing more of my factual writeups in a similar direction.

Change      Title
Published | stamp collecting
Published | June 4, 2012
Published | Bu$hleaguer
Published | An apology, a love note and a remembrance
Published | February 14, 2012
Published | January 10, 2012
Published | November 29, 2011
Published | Rebel Charge at Chickamauga
Published | November 14, 2011
Published | nude beach
Published | November 3, 2011
Published | Lust for a Vampire
Published | October 19, 2011
Published | October 18, 2011
Published | 2011 Garden Results
Published | September 8, 2011
Published | August 26, 2011
Published | August 15, 2011
Published | The Virginia Gazette
Published | EDC
Published | Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

So that was me for the past year, but what about you E2?

My Humble E2 Functionality Requests

There are two things currently on my wish list to be implemented within everything2:

  1. Quest Submission Interface - Quests are good (and this daylog fulfills one of the criteria for a current quest) but a little bit cumbersome to set up and track. Wouldn't it be great if there was a page on e2 for quest submission? A user could enter the name, requirements, and sponsors and the flying monkeys would automatically put an announcement on the front page about the quest. A corresponding second page for quest participants (or the same page if that is easier) would allow a user to enter the name of their writeup submitted for the quest, and then e-mail anyone registered through the page following the quest. The page could even have entries for previous year versions of the quest, if available. Nifty, or malarky??
  2. Favorites/bookmarks - Currently, the favorites/bookmarks behavior is a little kooky. If a user is viewing a node that is part of a nodeshell with other nodes, they must go to the parent nodeshell before using the functionality. Anyway we can have this moved down to the node level? Just a thought.
I guess that is about it for now, have a good weekend everyone!

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