A powerful myth that somewhere, out there, is a person who is the perfect soul mate or counterpart to you that once you two meet, you will be able to live happily ever after together forever.

A significant flaw in this theory is the fact that commonly cited examples of people who have met this one true tend to be fictional characters who have pretty tragic relationships in any case.

Just get a load of these inseparable pairings:

on my notebook
on my desk and on the trees
on sand and snow
i write your name

on all pages read
on all pages blank
stone blood paper or ash
i write your name

on the gilded images
on the arms of warriors
on the crowns of kings, oh love
i write your name

on all my rags of blue
on the pond, the musty sun
on the lake, the living moon
i write your name

on the echo of my childhood
i write it, your name
and lay the meagre power of a word
begin life again
for i was born to know you
and i was born to name you:

I don´t know if there is only one true love for each person in this world, I only know that I´ve found it and I will never let it go away.

Sometimes true love is hidden in front of you, sometimes it´s that little girl that always shouts at you, sometimes you look at someone´s eyes and you can see your future at her side. When I see her laughing, I feel really lucky.

Death must be the impossibility of loving again, Fyodor Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov".

I love you my Princess

I will always love you, darling, 'til the end of time
No force on earth can stop our love. To try would be a crime

So certain are my feelings, so sure, so real, so true
I can foresee no circumstance when I will not love you

Naked, intertwined, always faithful, always pure
Chained heart to heart eternally, forever to endure

Ecstasy unstoppable, a life of bliss ahead
Real joy and love for us, my dear, from now until we're dead

I know our lives together will be filled with total glory
The poets centuries ahead will tell of our love story

You need to keep this quiet. My wife won't understand.


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Cupid's Handiwork

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