The quest is now closed. Thankyou to everyone who submitted writeups - the variety and different approaches to this quest was great. XP rewards have been distributed - if you think you missed out, please let me know.

Do you remember when writing something about a song, simply meant reprinting the lyrics, including a few details about the band, the album and possibly a year of release - then hitting submit?

Those were the days, weren't they? If you wanted to know something about a song, you could do a search, and you were bound to find all the lyrics there. Sometimes you'd also find some deeper information about the song. Sometimes it was a touch of history, a story about the making of this song. Sometimes it was the deeper story, what the writer was thinking when words met paper, spinning a tale. At times it is trivia, at times facts, at times it is thoughts.

Sometimes, it was about the feeling in your stomach and heart and mind when a piece of music simply connects.

There have been all sorts of things written about the impact of the E2 Copyright Changes, but at times the positives have been shouted down. I believe it's time to celebrate them.

This quest is all about celebrating song and music by actually writing about it. No longer can we hold onto a crutch when we decide to write about a song - the material must be our own. We have to think, we have to use what is in our own mind.

In short, we are challenged to throw away the lyrics crutch, and still create something beautiful.

Your challenge is this:

Write something about your favourite song. Make it something that makes people want to find this song for themselves. Replace the lyrics that may have been there before, with words that stir, and leave your reader thinking 'I want to hear that song'. Artists the world over write songs that move us, that become an integral part of a moment of our lives. These moments sometimes resurface years later, when you hear that song for the first time in ages, and we're flooded by memories and sensations - it's like you're there again.

Let's honour those who allow this to happen.

The rules are fairly simple:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the E2 FAQ: Copyrighted Material, and E2 Copyright Changes writeups. These 2 writeups should answer any questions you have, particularly with the rules of this quest.
  • Writeups must comply with the E2 Copyright Policy, in particular not exceeding fair use provisions. I'm looking for original work here.
  • If you want to reprint more original lyrics that are allowed through fair use, you must comply with the E2 Copyright Policy - in short, your lyrics must be either in the public domain, or you must have permission from the author to reprint them.
  • Creative writeups are allowed, and encouraged. Actually, really really encouraged. It's a difficult area to define, but try to keep your writing relevant to the song in some way. For example, don't simply use the song title as your writeup title, then write about something unrelated. There is an element of subjectivity here - even if your entry is deemed not within the quest guidelines, your writeup should be worthy of standing alone. You can't lose!
  • Writeups for this quest must be created after the start date - unfortunately this means no old wu's can be submitted. However, there is an exception to this rule:
    • Previous song and lyrics wu's that have received a major overhaul may be submitted. For example, bringing non-compliant wu's into compliance, or doing a lot of work to improve what may now be an average wu. Important note! If you plan to do this, tell me before you submit the modified wu. I will need proof that the wu has had significant work done to it.

I'd still love to hear about those song wu's that you're proud of, even if they don't make the quest. C!'s and upvotes await - I'd love to give the great song wu's that already exist the exposure that they deserve.

  • Rewards will be given to those participating in this quest, to a maximum of 30xp for outstanding contributions.
  • Do not even think about Cut and Paste writeups. If you submit one of these, you will be cursed - a -10xp penalty.

Once you have posted your writeup, message me, and I will add your entry to the list below. This quest is sponsored by TheDeadGuy, but questions should be directed at Orpheum.

The quest runs from now, until the 5th of April. You've got 3 weeks to listen to your favourite songs, and get something together.

Need an idea to get you started? Don't know how to write about a song?

Here are a few thoughts for you:

  • Write about how a song has influenced your life, what it means to you, how you changed through hearing - and understanding - this song.

  • Write about the history of a song. Does it reference moments in real human history? Then tell us about them. Has it influenced later songwriters significantly? How? Why?
  • Tell us about the story behind a song. Did the writer go through events in their own life that are reflected in the song? Sometimes songs are a mixture of thoughts and ideas - sometimes they have a beginning, a middle and an end. Tell us about this story.
  • Got lyrics you wish you could reprint? Then seek permission - never simply assume that you're going to be knocked back, make good use of this form. The changes to E2's Copyright Policy have never been about excluding lyrics from the site - we just want to do it legally. Help in that process.

  • Want to see how some other people approach their song writeups? Here are a few examples to give you inspiration:

    Quest entries:

    Song for Whoever by BuffcorePhil
    I'm a-doun for Lack O' Johnnie by LSK
    Pauline by BuffcorePhil
    Sail on Sailor by Stealth Munchkin
    Who Needs Sleep? by Wind
    Me And A Gun by Scharlot
    Please don't bury me by Borgo
    La Marseillaise by Noung
    I Love You Goodbye by smileloki
    The New Workout Plan by Davidian
    Never Again by crewgrrl
    Senorita with a Necklace of Tears by GrouchyOldMan
    Joe Robot by BuffcorePhil
    Cara al Sol by montecarlo
    wash away those years by bluebird_is_sad
    Pluto by Valrus
    I Knew I Loved You by owlman
    Dynamite Walls by bewilderbeast
    Beatus vir by Kurin
    Shower Your Love by ive_brussel
    Whip It by SansPoint
    Beautiful World by SansPoint
    Worry not about the cars that go by by LaggedyAnne
    Carnival of the Animals by no_one
    Susanna Little by bluerthan
    The Crawl by ive_brussel
    I love you, darling by Vorbis
    The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right) by LeoDV
    Sebastian by Princess Therion
    Slight Return by JoeBaldwin
    There there by arieh
    The Girl from Ipanema by GrouchyOldMan
    To here knows when by legbagede
    Space Oddity by drownzsurf
    The Book I Haven't Read by 69lovesongs
    Bob Dylan by Lord of Nothings
    Proto Culture by BrooksMarlin
    The Lonely 1 by 69lovesongs
    Chelsea by Pint
    Godzilla by siouxsie

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