Slight Return
by The Bluetones
Released in 1996
A strong contender for my favourite song in the world ever. I don't know why, but something about this song that gets to me...maybe because it reminds me of the time when it came out, when I didn't have coursework to hand in, 20kgs more mass than most other people and worries about the collective townies, chavs and rude boys that are absurdly popular right now.

(OK, there were absurdly popular dumbasses back then as well. But they weren't townies. Somehow, that makes it all better. I have no idea why.)

You don't have to have the solution
You've got to understand the problem
And don't go hoping for a miracle
All this will fade away
So I'm coming home

Maybe it's those lyrics. Right now, I'm failing. My future is probably comprised of the words "McDonald's drive thru", mainly due to my own dumbassery. I never did any of the homework; I always slacked off on the coursework. I don't have the solution to that (I'm a lazy git by nature, and I would rather be noding/coding/pissing about with HTML than actually doing anything productive) but goddammit do I know the problem (see above). I'm hoping for a miracle as it were; I'm hoping that somehow, I will scrape through my GCSEs with what little I've done, and I have only myself to blame.

As I say, I'm hoping for a miracle. And I hope it will come.

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