Rude Boys, most commonly associated with the Two-Tone craze, are still a common sight at shows. The Rude Boy movement has a long history. The street-tough young men of Kingston, Jamaica used to dress in the newest and heppest clothes at the Kingston dance hall. They were know as "Rude Boys", rude meaning "cool". The authorities saw the Rude Boys as thugs, but they viewed themselves as heroes, like the cowboys of movie westerns of the day.

To most, it was a way of rebelling against the poor and opressive social conditions in which they grew up. Towards the end of the 1970's, the Second Wave British SKA! bands, such as Madness and the Specials, re-invented the Rude Boy. He was now the fun-loving young man who dressed in the oh-so-stylish 2 tone suit and pork-pie hat. This movement also died down, until it was resurected with the Third Wave of SKA! in the late Eighties.

Today a Rude Boy is someone who is totally into the SKA! scene. He or She has a good sense of the roots of SKA! as well as a great sense of fashion!
I originally deleted this writeup of my own free will, but I've decided to repost it, mainly because I got some hella cool comments from other noders telling me how great it is. Thanks.
Sadly, the rude boy look has been hijacked by 12 year old morons who truly believe that Ali G invented the look, and that school/a proper education will get you nowhere in life. These losers bear no resemblance to the Jamaican rude boys mentioned above, and instead of ska they worship the genericrap chart R&B that is so prevalent today, or garage. So you can recognise this gimboids, here is:

The New British Rude Boy Doctrine

Note: I don't actually believe any of this stuff, this is just what most of these 12-year-old pillocks are like.

  • Ali G is not a fictional character in the eyes of a rude boy: In fact, Ali G is your mentor and saviour, who provides you with many wisdoms which will guide you in life.
  • All the police set out to do is oppress you: In the rude boy mind, the police get their jollies from oppressing you and all your ilk. Even if the police try to arrest you for doing something patently illegal (such as drug dealing, or committing face murder on some person who is a "hater" with a large sovereign ring and a baseball bat) they are still trying to restrict you and revoke your apparent freedoms.
  • Rude boy language would make Yoda cry: In the rude boy dialect, the word "are" does not exist, and every sentence must be suffixed with "innit", regardless of the pronoun used with the verb, and without paying attention to any grammar rules whatsoever. Thus, a typical rude boy sentence would be "You is with us, innit!".
  • Your mobile phone should be l33t: It must be either a post-Y2K Nokia, or at least be able to send and receive ring tones and picture messages. Your mobile wallpaper or screensaver must also be so obscene that Hugh Hefner would find it offensive, and it must play a crap rendition of the latest popular R&B song upon every call.
  • You must wear as much, or more, jewellery as Mr T: This marks you out as rich and successful. It also attracts pussy-as you should have figured by now, the acquisition of pussy is your only aim in life, even above food, water, money or a career.
  • Drug dealing is a legitimate, viable career: Not only is it viable and legitimate, but it is also fully legal to deal anything under the Restricted Substances Act. See the oppression point above.
  • Homosexuals are evil, and gay must be an insult above all others: This inherent belief in the rude boy philosophy states that not only must you use gay as an insult, but you must also be able to give no coherent reason as to why you hate homosexuals. Furthermore, anyone who fits any one of the stereotypes below is gay and should be labelled as such: Is not a rude boy, has a high voice, is not a rude boy, is not not not a rude boy, watches V Graham Norton, does not agree with your personal point of view.
  • Anybody who is not entirely physically able is to be laughed at: The old are weak: laugh at them. The fat are unhealthy: laugh at them. The mentally ill are dumb: laugh at them. Computer enthusiasts are losers: laugh at them. That a lot of these people will have more fulfilling/have had more fulfilling lives than you is irrelevant.
  • Beating people with heavy metal things and then robbing them/running down a road with a 30mph speed limit in a Mini at a speed which would worry Japanese train drivers/breaking and entering is perfectly OK:...and is protected under the UN Declaration of Human Rights, as you will yell at any police officer who may attempt to dole out some form of punishment to you for this act while threatening to shoot/stab them. Furthermore, if said officer hits you with a baton to prevent you from shooting/stabbing them, that is assault and the police are oppressing you. You can then threaten to press charges, as is customary under these circumstances.

And if you haven't yet realised it...all of this is true. This is observed behaviour. /msg me if you have more to add.

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