It was really late and the air was smoky and stale from all the bodies wandering the nightclub. A hip club, all dark and clearly attempting to be mysterious (but only succeeding in being obvious). I always liked it, though, for the music. The club was also a place full of recent memories, people and situations that still made my heart beat faster.

All my enthusiasm for the night, however, was drained. It's hard to be active at 5am in high heels. The red vinyl sofas were not cozy, but had to satisfy my tired self for the time being. He had just arrived on the dance floor.

He needs some explaining, as he was not an ordinary "He". The man was closer to some heavenly definition of handsome and was probably the nicest thing that dancefloor ever held. When he danced, one's breath was taken away and one could see girls (and some boys) equally transfixed. I was not about to lose a performance just out of tiredness.

This was a rock club, with a mixed audience of curious metal heads and flashy Goths, cute Indies and some lost bisexuals, making out with girls and boys fervently. And there was *he*, dancing away as if he was alone in his room, air guitar in hand and a Freddie Mercury pose, still managing to look better than anyone else in the room.

Kula Shaker's tune, Shower your love, began playing, as a sign the night was almost over. He had introduced me to this band a few weeks before, on a bar table with all the enthusiasm he could collect without ever drinking alcohol. I liked the song and the band, but especially liked when he tried to convince me of their genius. It was beautiful to see and hear his passion in defending this band, who would never even know of his existence. And so he started to dance.

...Shower Your love on me I can't wait, I'm losing faith
Like we may just explode
Comfort me with a melody
Show me that I'm gonna know the answer
Show me that I'm gonna know...

The moment was brief and yet magical, even if it was embarrassing to stare at him so bluntly. He never noticed - or pretended he didn't - and we all carried on being bewitched for the next few songs. Afterwards, he walked me home and kissed my hand, but there was nothing in his out-of-the-dance-floor-self quite as charming as his performance. A true unknown idol, just waiting for millions to worship him while me and a few other souls had the pleasure and the privilege of keeping him all to ourselves.

"Shower your love" can be found at the Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts album by Kula Shaker.


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