The CST Approved Tag

The Copyright Salvage Group provides the CST Approved tag for use on E2 Writeups that have been reviewed and found to be compliant with the E2 Copyright Policy.
Who needs it?

Anybody who isn't completely confident that their writeup is copyright compliant is invited to make use of the CST review service. It's completely voluntary and, if you have a good bead on the copyright policy then rock on. On the other hand, if you are noding a tricky bit of work, or if you don't quite get the copyright rules, we're here to help.

How do I get it?

Requests for CST reviews will be initiated by sending a message to the Content_Salvage user. CST members, logged on as Content_Salvage will assume responsibility for the review request by posting a "Review Note" in the "Pending" area of CST_Chat AND removing the original message from the author from the list. If the writeup is deemed compliant, the reviewer will post the full text of the review in the "Completed" area of CST_Chat and notify the author, authorizing them to add the CST Approved tag. The CST Admins will monitor the reviews for quality and move the completed reviews to long term storage.

Authors will be responsible for removing the CST Approved tag from their work if ANY changes are made after the CST review, unless the modified writeup has been resubmitted for CST review. The writeup may still be compliant, but the CST Approved tag is not valid once changes have been made.

The CST Approved tag can serve as an indication to E2 Editors that the writeup has been reviewed, however the process is not failsafe and cheating may be attempted. We suggest that it be made clear that anyone caught cheating be dealt with very harshly.

All the CST reviews will be stored in a database for future reference.

What happens once I've got it?

If your writeup has been given the CST Approved stamp, you can be confident that someone who understands the copyright policy has taken a careful look at it and verified that it complies with the rules. The CST Approved tag DOES NOT MEAN that your writeup will not be nuked for other reasons. The E2 Content Editors have a detailed set of quality measures against which they measure each writeup and yours may well pass the test for copyright compliance but fail elsewhere.

What do I have to do to keep the CST Approved tag?

If you make ANY changes at all to a CST Approved writeup, you need to remove the tag and request that the writeup be reviewed again. Unless you have made substantive changes, this will be a quick and painless formality, but it needs to be done.

The E2 Copyright Policy

For more information on the specifics of the E2 Copyright Policy, and it's current implementation on E2, please refer to the : E2 FAQ: Copyrighted Material

Please msg the CST Group leader GrouchyOldMan with general CST questions and issues.

The CST_Chat superdoc is available to E2 Editors and Admins who wish to see recent reviews.

We don't do plagiarism

The CST Group is not responsible for handling cases of plagiarism at E2. If you believe content has been plagiarized, please contact an E2 Admin directly.