The original damsel-in-distress that Nintendo hero Mario was trying to rescue in the arcade game Donkey Kong. She made a reappearance in the Super Game Boy update of Donkey Kong, but did not appear in the Game Boy Advance title Mario vs. Donkey Kong and hasn't been seen outside of these appearances. Mario could pick up her umbrella, purse, and hat scattered around the level to receive bonus points and a chance at the bonus round.

Pauline was the "everywoman" that had Mario's heart before the princesses Peach and Daisy came along. She wore a red dress and had long straight brown hair (according to the character artwork). She's briefly mentioned (and pictured) in the Mario Mania player's guide from Nintendo, published in 1993.

Pau"line (?), a. [L. Paulinus, fr. Paulus Paul.]

Of or pertaining to the apostle Paul, or his writings; resembling, or conforming to, the writings of Paul; as, the Pauline epistles; Pauline doctrine.

My religion had always been Pauline. J. H. Newman.


© Webster 1913.

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