This variant follows closely mat catastrophe's widely used request form. The flow of the letter is modified so that the request itself appears in the first paragraph: it is the first thing the reader sees. All other paragraphs are explanatory, offering a description of Everything2 and why the author of the work ought to agree to re-release her or his work to the Everything2 readership.

Dear Author/Publisher/Webmaster,

I seek your permission to reproduce "article/lyrics/list/movie script/book" as part of an article I am writing for the Everything2 website, which can be found at

Your article/lyrics/list/movie script/book is important for the following reasons:

The Everything2 web site is a non-commercial site dedicated to all manners of creative writing. It has factual articles like the better-known Wikipedia, but its creative writing and sense of community set it apart from the encyclopedic collection of facts that is Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia, all articles are accessible to the public. Membership to Everything2 is free. Features such as chat and messaging capabilities are turned on once you become a member. Its readership consists of well-educated, Internet-savvy students and professionals from a broad arts and sciences community.

Everything2’s editors have made it a policy to require authors to request permission to republish copyrighted material before it is presented on the Everything2 site. Attribution of your work will appear at the bottom of my article, and will include your name, year of copyright, the title of your work, and, if required, the name of any publishing entity involved in your copyright.

Please reply to at your earliest convenience. I can let you know the article's title and the exact URL once it has been approved for release.

Thank you,

Your real name
(publishing under YourE2Name at

spiregrain wrote a handwritten letter asking for permission to mention Tom Lehrer's discography and associated web sites. Do read his excellent letter here.

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