Flash Fiction Festival

The spirit of the olympiad surges forth, its tidal pull pools in our imaginations and tempers our words with its froth. A contest remembered, its riders en memorandumed, inspires our declaration this day: fresh hay has been placed in the stables and a new racetrack awaits the thunderclap of the race. Saddle the horse which best catches your fancy, dust off your finest riding outfits, and away to the races as fast as we may!

You have just a few lines with which you can work.
You have only a few lines to show us your worth.
When so much can happen in such little time
will you slow down, or preach chaos
when placed on that tine?

Where will your horse take you?


Reserve your place in the Cup by msging myself with your desired horse and what coloured silks you will be riding in. This step is first come, first serve on basis of time stamp if two noders are competing for one title. Enter Prosenoder's Cup 2007 by submitting a work of flash fiction to that node during the valid contest period. The title of your work must be the name of one of the horses below (please make your title bold and aligned left at the beginning of your entry). Your entry may be of any genre desired, but is limited by design to be 300 words or less. This is flash fiction in the poetic sense of the word. Stories should flash like ancient camera background lights; stories should simmer like sublimating ice. See also: postcard fiction.

The Race

The contest is officially open March 1st, at zero hour server time (entry will be open until March 9th midnight, giving 8 days of voting on entrants). I will be sitting at my computer as the clock proceeds to post the first writeup in the contest node. The reason for the gap in between this announcement and the contest opening is to give all noders plenty of time to enter and prepare their writeup, as ideally all entrants will be posting sometime on March 1st or March 2nd. The first writeup of the Prosenoder's Cup 2007 node will be 1) a reference guide for the readers, sharing knowledge of the rules 2) a starting gun for all eager racers. Do not post a writeup before this definition entry, we're trying to keep the air time of all writeups as fair as possible, no false starts.

Speaking of we, the wise and just Dann has agreed to bestow honours to the most deserving of word jockeys:

All entrants will be judged based upon their net reputation at midnight server time March 9th.

Show: 300 xp!!
Place: 500 xp!!
Win: 900 xp!!!

Additional 150 xp bonuses will be awarded to the two individuals with the highest goodness as well as the most C!s (caveat: unless already a show horse, then we'll spread the wealth some). These final prizes come fully loaded with bragging rights for the next four years. As a reward for entering all riders will be gifted 10xp for every C! they earn on a writeup and 1xp for every net point of reputation. The earlier you submit your work, the more time the E2 populace will have to upvote your brilliant submission.

You are going to submit something brilliant, aren't you?

Remember most of all, this is not a contest about horse stories. This is a contest about riding stories like horses. Ride light, ride fast, and be sure to lean at the finish...

The Horses

Note to those who may have missed the heavily layered metaphor above: This contest is a race, upon a racetrack. The authors are, for a little while, riders and their titles their steeds. Get it? Got it? Good.

All horse names are gleaned from divisional point leaders at the website of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.

Any Given Saturday by Wiccanpiper, riding in green and silver
Buffalo Man by Lometa, riding in scarlet and purple
Day Pass by RPGeek, riding in green and white
Dreaming of Anna by Dimview, riding in black with a silver stripe
Dreams of Thunder by TheCustodian, riding in crimson, yellow and gray
Exhale by TheLady, riding in silver and white
Hard Spun by tifrap, riding in Earth-coloured homespun vest with a flash of goose-poo green
Liquidity by Evil Catullus, riding in ultramarine and slate gray
Nobiz like Shobiz by Jack, riding in grey and green
Street Sense by Apollyon, riding naked except for a Barber Jacket (green, ankle length) production circa 1931
Boca Grande by julianne, riding in red, blue and white
Devil House by creases, riding in black
Jump On In by squeezie, riding in sparkly turquoise
Meditations by eien_meru, riding in gold slashed with blue
Octave by kthejoker, riding in navy blue and aquamarine
Romance is Diane by withaz, riding in a three piece suit of unbridled hubris with a halo of self-respect
Successful Outlook by alyssa-cruz, riding in cerulean and razzle dazzle rose
Sun King by Angela, riding in every colour of the flame
Lawyer Ron by dannye, riding in immaculately polished Miami Floaters
Cacique by bol, riding in invisibility
The Tin Man by Ereneta, riding in yellow
King's Drama by Andrew Aguecheek, riding in red shot with purple
Bushfire by Scribe, riding in a polyester shirt and matching hat in purple and yellow diamond pattern
Healthy Addiction by etouffee, riding in dark green and white
Balance by just1wheat riding in burnt sienna and cerulean
Take D' Tour by Matthew, riding in le maillot à pois rouges on a stolen ride
Spun Sugar by XWiz, riding in silks of midnight-dark purple with crushed red velvet embellishments
Showing Up by dichotomyboi, riding in white and silver
Silent Name by Hapax, riding in black and purple
Sweet Talker by Focus, riding in crimson, cream, and silver
Aussie Rules by Heisenberg, riding in the buff
Siren Lure by eyeofthebeholder, riding in my burgundy and kelly green silks
Pure as Gold by montecarlo, riding in white with broad gold stripes
Dancing Eddie by Dwardu, riding in gloss black and racing stripes
Film Maker by sam512, riding in glossy black
Argentina by RoguePoet, riding in celeste y blanca
Point Ashley by Lord Brawl, riding in gold and royal purple
Untouched Talent by Jakkle, riding in green and gold
Sutra by maxClimb, riding in dark blue terry cloth and white cotton
Cash Included by LaggedyAnne, riding in emerald and jade
Scat Daddy by cazandria, riding in turn of the century burgundy
Circular Quay by DejaMorgana, riding in scarlet and plague
King of the Roxy by Jet-Poop, riding in red and silver
Principle Secret
Stormello by artman2003, riding in red and gold
Horse Greeley by JediBix783, riding in white and maroon
Shermanesque by 256, riding in white, black, and green
Chace City by agent_tuesday, riding in black and white
Karen's Caper by paraclete, riding in the style of the Lady Godiva
Lawrence the Roman by Serjeant's Muse, riding in mayhem and mist
Silver Cup by UncleM, riding in drab
Wildcat Bettie B by Andromache01, riding in grue
Surf Cat by mcd, riding in teal and ivory
Swap Fliparoo by oakling, riding in dew gleaming spider silks

Late Arrivals...

Cotton Blossom by telyni, riding in black, brown, and white cotton
Meadow Breeze by SwimmingMonkey, riding in a suit of many colors
Wait a While by kohlcass, riding bareback in cascades of tousled auburn hair
War Front by Dermot Reilly, riding in a hairshirt of gray
Notional by kizor, riding in purple and blue
Wanderin Boy by Gorgonzola, riding in tangled blue silk
Five Star Daydream by SharQ, riding only in bright neon workboots
English Channel by loveyjoyman, riding in tweed speedos
Go Between by Chainstore, riding in the wrong direction with the trophies slung over his back
After Market by kozmund, riding in infrared silks
Fleet Indian by C-Dawg, riding in pink and hunter green


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