Both are oppressed groups, but when it comes to "gay pride" vs. "geek pride", you've got to hand it to the geeks, they've got something gays don't: Geeks have geek code. No, it's not a secret language (well...), it's like an ID3 for a geek. This was probably created because geeks realize that while geeks are different from others - this doesn't exclude other geeks. Not every geek likes Star Trek, reads Slashdot on a regular basis and gets wired on caffeine. Geek code allows other geeks and the population at large to read past the general geek stereotype and find out what SPECIFIC geek traits you have (or lack thereof).

Sure, for gays there is a site called that will create a 1 through 10 (lower numbers are more manly) integer representation of how much you act like a stereotypical flamer (or is queen the more PC term?); however, a number tells little about you. What about the outcast homosexual who can't identify with gay stereotypes? He's branded "straight acting". Well, gee... (begin dripping sarcasm) Since 85 - 90% of the population is straight, it's blatantly obvious how straight people act. (end sarcasm) It is obvious the geek code system could be modified and applied to homosexual traits to create a gay code. But why stop there? There could be a straight code, a Christian code, etc. - definitely a subject worthy of more than just one node.

Gay geeks could even combine a geek code and a gay code into a gay geek code - now that's what I call digital convergence! ;)

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