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I wonder what E2's exchange rate for Slashdot Karma is, I'd like to trade it in for XP.

I try to write about topics, ideas and things that attract attention. Yes, my nodes usually have amazing magnetic properties, unfortunately, this is mostly limited to attracting downvotes. Regardless, I have friends in real life, I don't need acceptance on E2 to validate my existance. (Now I KNOW I'm going to attract downvotes with THAT comment!)

I don't have a picture to add here since E2 is not a computer datin' base, and I don't have a personal home page for you to visit. We all know these things don't make the Internet seem more like a community - they make it look lame.

Oh, before I forget... I'm also a child of the 80's. Quite literally - the highest age I achieved was 10 in 1989.
You want to read more about me? Okay...

Powercntrl is a shortened version of my old BBS handle, "The Power Control". If it sounds funny or you don't get it - you probably didn't BBS much back in the day. Basically it means "He who controls power"; yes, being a SysOp gave me a God complex. Well, I was a young adolescent back when I started my BBS, so it sounded better back then too. Dos Power Surge BBS went online 10/28/92 and ran for 5 years until the Internet usurped all my users.

Presently, I write shareware apps in VB and plan to have some new releases out soon. Laugh if you must, but people must be using them because the registration money is good.

I'm biplatform, I use both PCs and Macs, but I prefer PCs. Right now, the computers I own consist of:

Two I-Openers
A green rev D iMac (I want a blue case for it, damn it.)
A Pentium Pro running Linux, used to NAT an Internet connection provided by 56k modem (Yes, I'm a member of the dial up elite). An IBM ThinkPad A21m PIII 750MHz... Drool. An AST Advantage 486/33 notebook, used for notetaking and in places I would not bring the Thinkpad for fear of theft/loss.

My pride and joy is my self-built Asus motherboard PIII 750MHz desktop with 40GB 7200RPM Western Digital HD, ATI Radeon 32MB SDR, 256MB of CL2 PC100 RAM, SB16 (Yes, the old ISA one!) with add-on wavetable, Studio DC10+ capture card, Creative Labs DXR2 DVD Decoder and DVD-ROM drive, and a cheap ISA network adapter. Externally, I have a 17" CTX monitor, a Memorex 1622 CD-R/W drive (in an ATAPI to Parallel enclosure), an HP 932C printer and a really small Canon flatbed scanner.