We'll have a gay old time....

As much as I view them as annoying, stuffed, shallow, meat markets, I have to begrudgingly place the gay bar as an important social piece in the gay community and in the gay rights movement. Simultaneously the watering hole, the mating grounds, and the rallying point for various GLBTQ communities, gay bars are the cornerstone around much of what the gay world operates around.

It's not hard to reason out why: gay bars were one of the first places, and in many smaller communities the only place, that gay men and women can be open about their sexualities, and consequently openly pursue a partner, without the fear of judgment. With bars being a haven, it is no surprise that some of the biggest events in GLBTQ history center around bars. For instance, the famous Stonewall Riots in 1969, that some point to as the start of the modern gay rights movement, garnered its name from the Stonewall Bar where the riots started (it still exists and can be visited in New York City's Greenwich Village).

The close ties of the bars with the gay community has some unwanted side effects. In many areas, the bar is the only scene. The gay identity becomes entrenched in those areas with the negative aspects of bars, such as excess.

For those young GLBTQ people who are curious about the scene, bars tend to be very individualistic. There's not too much that can be said about them. Look at the bars depicted on TV and simply imagine them filled with gay people. That's pretty much how it is. While bars are a great way to meet people, they are still bars and most of the people you will meet there are probably not interested in something longterm. This is no different than most bars in the straight world.

(place) by chaotic_poet (now!)(print)                                                    Marked for destruction.

Gay bar refers to one of the many nocturnal habitats of the species Homo erotica, though the species Fagus hagus occasionally shares the space. While each of these dimly lit caverns differs greatly in detail depending on local climate and the local species' habits, there are a few things that remain the same no matter what area these are found in.

Almost all feature a vastly smoky interior that is poorly lit with odd colored lights. Current research speculates that this has something to do with their mating rituals or with some kind of display of dominance, but there is no surety in this. The lights are thought to help make plumage more attractive, something the species seems to care much about. Most feature some kind of loud music. This aids in Homo erotica's mating dances which display their physical prowess in hopes of attaining a mate. While mating displays are not limited to these areas, it is probably one of the easiest areas to observe them in. Interiors in many gay bars will sometimes also feature small altars to mysterious idols. Whether this is actually some sort of religion is yet to be discovered.

The thing that attracts members of the species here, besides the possibility of mates, is the easy access to food and drink. In fact, recent observations indicate that the gifting of drinks is one of the most important mating rituals. Those that give many many drinks to their potential mates seem to have a higher success rate. While Homo erotica has been commonly observed having long time pairings, the particular members that flock to these locations seem to have shortened mating duration. Current research is focused on the differences to ascertain why.

Spotting a gay bar can be quite difficult. A similar species, Hetero breedsalot competes for similar spaces. Homo erotica tends to mark their territory with rainbow colors. Hetro breedsalot seems to be less selective about what kind of music they use for their mating displays. What further confuses the point is the fact that the females of Hetro breedsalot seem very similar to the species Fagus hagus, commonly found in the Gay Bar environment. The latter, however, displays a lack of interest in attaining a mate and a high pitched laugh. Their typical plumage also tends to be more vibrant.

If one should find one's self in a gay bar, the best thing to do is stay calm. Neither Homo erotica nor Fagus hagus are particularly territorial. Strange colors or odd materials may attract their attention and warning cries, but for the most part, the creatures are docile and focused on Homo erotica's mating displays, which Fagus hagus seems to find intensely interesting. It is a mystery to why this is, given that Fagus hagus typically displays no interest in its own mating. It remains a mystery as to how this species reproduces. If approached by Homo erotica, sudden movements, loud noises, or fake fabrics are not advised.

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