Familiar term for a female who is primarily attracted to gay men or who spends most of her spare time on the scene with her gay friends. Also, any female with gay friends. Derogatory: gay wannabe, or scene hanger-on. In response to these cruel remarks Bridget Jones devised the term hag fag.

From the gay man's point of view, a woman who prefers to spend time with gay men instead of straight men.

Generally, this appears to be because of the macho syndrome -- that is, straight men feel nothing. Women want a man who can laugh with them, who can cry with them, who can understand their emotions. Because gay men are more in tune with their emotions, they naturally attract women who have no other friends with whom they can share their feelings. Unfortunately, many women do not realize that they crave this interaction so strongly, and thus they (wrongfully) assume that this attraction is love.

Novel (1992) by Robert Rodi concerning Natalie Stathis, the fag hag of the title, who falls in love with her gay friend Peter Leland. They go out clubbing a lot; every time he meets a man she tries to split them up, surreptitiously. Peter, however, falls in love with Lloyd Hood a 'survivalist' and not Peter's usual type at all. Natalie can't split them up. So instead she kidnaps Peter.

It's great fun, massively readable, hugely funny, and occasionally sidesplitting. Natalie has a large Alsatian guard dog called Brynocki. When she discovers that the dog is afraid of thunder, and unable to help her with an intruder (Lloyd, as it turns out), she yells at the dog: 'I'm going to feed you cat food till the day you die'. Marvellous stuff. Highly recommended.

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