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Everythingian handle for Ricardo Gladwell. It's kinda dull of me to use rgladwell but there you go. I live in London and I work in web development. If you really want to label me (and plenty of people do) then I would say I am liberal. According to some people this means that I have no valid opinions, but after being insulted and threatened by certain elements here I feel that I must be onto something. These people claim that I am comprimising their freedom of speech but, really, I'm quite happy to hear what they have to say as long as they are happy to take a look at what I have to say. However, it would seem they're all for freedom of speech as long as no one says anything they might disagree with. Go figure.

The following list is in the process of being compiled and contains perfectly innocent nodes that have been tainted by peoples distorted perception of what is "morally right". Whatever: