E2D2 V2

That's right, the loveable little chatter bot has reached adolescence and is now in version 2.0.

Please report any bugs to in10se

What's New?

A complete list of commands and features can be found here.

Are you talkin' to me?
One of the biggest changes is that E2D2 now reads and responds to private messages. So now instead of publicly typing 'e2d2 {some command}', you can do the same thing with '/msg e2d2 {some command}'. Some private commands will reply privately, and some private commands will reply publicly, so please read the main writeup if you have any questions.

More numbers to keep track of...
For clarity, these stats ONLY deal with the bot, E2D2, and are in no way official for E2. They are supposed to be fun.
Everything2 has XP and GP that keep track things you do related to writeups, and now E2D2 will keep track of cXP and cGP (Chatterbox XP and Chatterbox GP) for things you do in the chatterbox. You earn, lose, or spend cXP and cGP a number of different ways (again, outlined in the main writeup). Having one of your writeups linked in the chatterbox (+), nodevertising (-), egging someone or being egged (varies), being the subject of a 'random' or 'vs' command (+), as well as a number of other activities can earn you cXP and cGP. You can subscribe (opt-in) to receive notifications of these updates.

What the @#$&!
Again, not official and only for amusement...
The bot also tracks your use of 'bad words' in the catbox which will subtract from your cGP to be placed in a swear jar.

What is thy bidding, my Master?
Some of the new features and commands include:

  • Become a puppet master and control the bot
  • The ability to look up aliases (see important notice about aliases below)
  • Better alias support for karma updates (don't forget to add your new aliases!)
  • The ability to use the bot to attack other users
  • New 'random' and 'vs' features
  • (Hopefully) better Markov chain output
  • BETA: Trending topics - there are several working features here, but I've got some more ideas I'm working on too

Important Note for Active Bot Users

Due to the abuse of aliases in version 1.0, all existing aliases have been deleted. You will need to re-add them if you want them back (and they are no longer free, so make sure you have enough cGP).

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