A pretty good ale I got the opportunity to have a few of this weekend at a Civil Union ceremony in Vermont.

Brewed at Tunbridge Brewing, a micro-brewery in South Royalton, VT - "the only lesbian-owned brewery in Vermont1", GP Beer has been in the works for several years, but disappointing batch after disappointing batch have kept the label off the market for some time. Jenn Lewis, the president of Tunbridge Brewing, has pledged 10% of all profits to go into a fund she has set up to support social action and legislation for the bisexual, gay and lesbian community.

The GP has a nice medium body but it's full of flavor - its recipe is four malt: pale, crystal, caramalt and flaked barley. The beer label is a nice dark green with the words "Gay Pride" boldly displayed on front. According the Lewis it's the first beer ever to label itself Gay.

1Stephen Mills in the Rutland Herald

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