Directly translated from Spanish as "yes, I am"; this is the name of a Puerto Rican gay male alliance in Chicago (and possibly nationwide, I'm not sure).
They are strongly represented at the NorthHalsted fairs and parade with a huge, decked out float. The whole structure is a likeness of the Puerto Rican flag with an additional small rainbow stripe in the center. It is completely filled with adorably pretty and suggestively (un)dressed chicos jamming out and grinding eachother to latin club music. The sight of their flag revamped with a rainbow stripe seems to greatly offend straight Puerto Ricans so much more than the typical type of offense straight men in general might take from such a thing, as I'm sure you can imagine.
But Si Soy also has a huge huge following here and is worshipped from the outside by legions of non-Puerto Rican gay folk.

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