Pioneered in a moment of extreme weakness and stupidity by no comply and myself, the soy shot is an alcoholic drink comprised of the foloowing parts:

add the soy sauce to a half-shot of vodka, so it sinks to the bottom of the shot, forming a scary blackuish laywer on the bottom og the shotglass. drink quickly and pray to the gods of soy above. This shot is primarily done on a dare or, in our case, as a joke.

Note: this shot has not yet been compared to no comply's yoo-hoo adult beverage of choice - the only thing that will decide the yoo-hoo vs. soy debate is the impending yoo-hoo vs. soy chess match.

Note #2: after qwuite a few soy shots, typing has become tricky. i apologize in advange for erroes.

I once was involved in a twisted game of Truth or Dare which involved what I now see must be called virgin soy shots.

The dare in this case was to drink a shot glass of soy sauce, and not the good Superior Soy, oh, no. Not even Kikkoman, or even that abomination of soy sauce, La Choy. No, this was No Frills soy sauce, the kind you bought in pint bottles that looked like Heinz vinegar bottles. No Frills is a "brand" you can buy at PathMark. This stuff isn't fermented like real soy sauce, it contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein and caramel color instead.

One of those times when picking 'truth' would have been better.

I admit it i was partialy responsible for the creation of the soy shot.

In light of this admission i would like to make a short disclaimer: I am not responsible if you do a soy shot and hurl... a lot. I am not responsible if you take a few soy shots and then go NUI. I am not responsible for the gross taste that lingers in your mouth after the soy shot etc etc etc.

Well, now that, that is out of the way i would like to say that this shot is not for the weak. I would suggest having a very strong chaser ready if you do this shot or at least some chinese food to wash it down. You should also already be a bit drunk before you do this shot, it helps. And never ever ever do this shot if you feel sick, you will toss your cookies.

On a brighter note when used responsibly the soy shot can provide tons of alcohol enjoyment, and always rememeber SOY! SOY! SOY! soy makes you strong! strength crushes enemies! SOY!

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