Salukis are actually Arabic in origins. They are the product of millenia of careful breeding by Bedouin Arabs. They are classic hunting sighthounds, like the greyhound but bred for a bit less speed and a lot more endurance. True Arab bred salukis vary in length of coat from an even short coat like a greyhound to a coat with a substantial amount of "feathering", which implies long hair on the ears and a fringe of long hair on the tail and back of each leg.

There is a group of broad-minded Saluki enthusiasts that believe that the breeds known to western dog enthusiasts as the Afghan Hound, Saluki, Sloughi and Azawakh are all really just different strains of the same basic Bedouin hunting dog. In the case of the Sloughi the name is acknowledged to be merely a different western corruption of the same Arabic word, where the foundation sloughi breeding stock in western hands was imported to France from North African Bedouin nomads while the Saluki stock came from Arabia.

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