I admit it i was partialy responsible for the creation of the soy shot.

In light of this admission i would like to make a short disclaimer: I am not responsible if you do a soy shot and hurl... a lot. I am not responsible if you take a few soy shots and then go NUI. I am not responsible for the gross taste that lingers in your mouth after the soy shot etc etc etc.

Well, now that, that is out of the way i would like to say that this shot is not for the weak. I would suggest having a very strong chaser ready if you do this shot or at least some chinese food to wash it down. You should also already be a bit drunk before you do this shot, it helps. And never ever ever do this shot if you feel sick, you will toss your cookies.

On a brighter note when used responsibly the soy shot can provide tons of alcohol enjoyment, and always rememeber SOY! SOY! SOY! soy makes you strong! strength crushes enemies! SOY!