In all seriousness, I never thought that I would fill this topic. Who, I asked myself, would need more than some clothespegs and a handy vibrator to carry out the simple task of reducing their sex slave to a quivering, screaming excuse for humanity? Surely, the simpler option would suffice? Who on earth would need a vibrating nipple clamp?

Then I started thinking about it, and after a while, realisation dawned, and I began to see the potential advantages of such a device. In my (ahem) limited experience and consequent lack of knowledge in the field of nipple torture, I nonetheless began to recognise the advisability of a dedicated machine to perform the joint tasks of applying pressure and stimulating the nipple.

Returning to the cruder method, and tormenting the victim with a vibrator, pressing it against the clothespeg pinching the vulnerable part, requires some degree of prehension. This is surely a major disadvantage, should you wish to, say, apply ice cubes to other parts of the body simultaneously. Ice is slipperly stuff!

In the wonderful world of BDSM, I have decided, there can be fewer sights more delightful than to have your bound, wet victim writhing under the synchronistic torments of wrenched nips and chilled skin. I shall seek one out forthwith. Oh dear, did I really write this?

Small 'nipple teasers', costing around $22, consist of a small vibrating egg attached to a suction cupped stimulator wrapped around a powerful vibrating micro egg. Placed around the nipple, it provides "delightful suction...& the vibration of the micro egg". On the other hand, for about $25, fully adjustable nipple clamps are available: "Pure erotic torment. What more do you need?"

Update 8th March 2003 Ann Summers sell them in their UK shops, I have discovered. Tiny, gentle and adjustable crocodile clips, attached to teeny vibrators. Costing about £25, they look rather good, if expensive. Hm.
A nodeshell challenge by NothingLasts4ever, I have created this as a factual node. To a degree.
Then there's the topic of vibrating tampons. Really...

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