VIPON: The World's Only Patented Tampon!

For thousands of years, women have suffered from menstrual cramps. Before the advent of modern medicines, there were only hot water bottles and herbal remedies to bring minor relief. With the 20th century came various painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and morphine. These modern medicines, however, effect every woman differently and many can cause unpleasant side effects. It is estimated that 600 million hours of work are lost every year because of menstrual cramps. This works out to about 2 work days for every female employee.

Now, thanks to AnotherWay Products, a small company in Montana, there is a new and safe way to alleviate cramps. Ladies and, uh, just ladies, please welcome the Vipon, the world's first vibrating tampon. Designed and patented by Stephen A. Kilgore, the Vipon provides relief by delivering a soothing vibration to the region of pain. There are absolutely no side effects and in initial testing, the Vipon was found to be highly effective even against the most severe dysmenorrhea.

The Vipon is like any normal tampon but fitted with a small motor unit at its core. The unit produces an ultra-sound frequency of 1800-2200 Hz. The 1.5 Volt battery unit lies outside of the body and is totally encased in Cycolac HP30. Also, the tampons are 100% pure, unbleached, organic cotton.

The Vipon was tested on a small group of women in 1999.

The tampon unit was placed in the posterior fornix so as to be located near the utero-sacral ligaments and the FrankenhaĆ¼ser plexus. The VIPON was then activated.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. All the women reported relief of symptoms within 45 minutes of activating the unit Relief lasted an average of 10-12 hours. There was no evidence of irritation from the unit, nor were there any other side effects. The Vipon home page provides a long list of studies from the 1930's onwards that have led to the development of this product as well as how it works to relieve pain.

Now, the Vipon has been approved by the FDA and studies have proven that it is safe. The frequency is higher than your run of the mill vibrator used for sexual stimulation or other therapeutic uses. The Vipon however is smaller in mass and produces less vibration. It actually stimulates the nerves to the point of anesthetization rather than climax. So it is not the kinky thing you might have thought it to be initially and its development is grounded in medical research, not fantasy.

The Vipon has not yet made its way onto the mainstream market, perhaps because its creators have not yet conceived of a marketing strategy that will override initial skepticism. Truth is many women suffer from menstrual cramps and do not respond well to over the counter or prescription pills. Most doctors, and I know this from experience, recommend contraceptive pills as the best long term remedy for monthly cramps. I can also tell you from experience, that many women do not react well to hormonal treatments. There have always been few alternative or natural treatments for cramps. Maybe this is it?

More information can be found at AnotherWay's home page at, but try to keep an open mind when you visit. This is made somewhat difficult by the background graphic of a hummingbird piercing an orchid with its beak, but do try to overlook that.

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