Why buy an anal sex toy?

In the heads of far too many people, anal eroticism has a bad rap. Since we were small children, we have been taught that our bottoms are a 'dirty place'. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that back door pleasure has gained such a bad vibe after that kind of an intro. For the record, anal play is completely safe and completely pleasurable provided you use some common sense and a whole lot of lubricant.

The anus is a powerful erogenous zone for both women and men. It brims with sensitive nerve endings and is very closely linked to sexual arousal. Most of us have stumbled upon the anus as an erogenous zone at one time or another in our lives, but because of the common social view attached to anal sex, few of us actually step forward and celebrate it.

To everyone's benefit, this view is gradually changing. More and more people are experimenting with anal play as a healthy way of exploring their sexual possibilities.

Anal sex toys are dildos and vibrators made especially for anal insertion, and have proved to be incredibly popular. Beate Uhse (a German sex toy manufacturer) says that they have sold millions of the most common, small butt-plugs. This is quite good proof of these toys' popularity, and shows that if you want to start experimenting with your sexual flip-side, you should not be ashamed because there are millions like you! Rid yourself of your inhibitions and step into the world of anal toys. You'll be glad you did.

Some Anal Sex Toys

Here are some examples of the most common anal sex toys:

Anal beads are enjoyed the most by those who experience intense anal stimulation in the area that surrounds the outer sphincter. Both males and females can find these sensations to be highly pleasurable because of the sensitive nerves contained in the rectum and sphincter. Some in turn find that larger beads produce greater stimulation and request beads sized like large chicken eggs. Those who are trying anal beads for the first time should start small and gradually find the size best for them.
Butt-plugs are quite simply small toys that are inserted in the rectum. Once it's inside, you can leave the butt-plug in the rectum or move it in and out. Many people like the sense of fullness that butt-plugs bring, in the same fashion many women enjoy the fullness experienced during vaginal sex. Others are more into the sensation of inserting something in their anus.
Dildos and Vibrators designed specially for anal play distinguish themselves somewhat from the regular dildos and vibrators. Usually, an anal dildo or vibrator will be a little smaller, and will often be curved. This is to make the dildo/vibe more suitable to the rectal cavity it is supposed to stimulate. Also, the curve is sometimes exaggerated somewhat, in order to cater especially for male G-spot stimulation, of the prostate gland, which is conveniently placed inside the rectum.

Safe Anal Play

Here are a some pointers to ensure safe anal play:

  • Always use lubricant. The anus and rectum does not get naturally lubricated when aroused like the vagina, making artificial lubrication vital. Whenever you are engaging in any type of anal play, use plenty of water-based lubricant. Some may prefer using oil-based lubricants, which generally is safe for anal play, but is on the other hand definitely not recommended for vaginal lubrication.
  • You should never insert sharp objects into your anus. The rectum is lined with thin, sensitive tissue which is happiest when confronted with rounded edges.
  • Make sure your anal toys have a flared base. Toys without such a stopper can slip in in the heat of the moment, and unlike the vagina there is no natural barrier preventing objects from traveling further into your rectum. Choose the right anal sex toys to avoid an embarrassing trip to the hospital.
  • Show respect for your own and your partner's bodies. If you're experimenting with anal pleasure for the first time, go slow and be gentle.
  • Excercise your ass. Relaxing your sphincter is the key to enjoyable anal play. Play with your fingers and small toys to learn how to cope with objects being inserted into the anus. Move on to more fingers, larger toys or your partner's penis only when you feel ready.

If you're in doubt, buy an anal sex toy! You won't regret it! ;-)

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