Hormonal cocktail hour.
Adrenaline, Endorphins richochet.
Scurry up and down the backbone.
Serendipity. Risking scrutiny. Rush
of exhilaration. Casting scruples to the dogs.
Dizzy with potential

Beginning small. In the dark of the night.
A wooded glen.
Earth shattering orgasms as the dew descends.
A deserted beach. Waves lapping in time with tongues.
The side of a river bed.
Hips grinding like the current breaks down rocks.
Pasion rising in an elevator shaft.
Fevered in a hosital room during visiting hour.
Joining the mile high club. Ecstasy soaring.
Going for the glory hole.
Copulating where you might get caught - an extreme sport.
Not for the faint at heart.

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