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Svaha is the sound between thunder and lightning. Potent. Divine. Serene.

Otherwise exclusively devoted to:
writing poetry; making art under the name of Christina Springer;
running Sun Crumbs, a non-profit arts group and;
being the best geek girlfriend for my adorable programmer SO.
learning enough about computer buzz words to say Ooooh!, Eeek!, or Argh! at the right moment.
I reside in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, but plan to move through the outer limits of cosmic funkiness to the Furthest Expanses of Insterstellar Funkitude for my super freakality reward.

Svaha Will Be Performing Near You Soon!

Non Sequitur 2001: Verbal Development
August 20, 21, 22 at 8:00 pm
Clark Studio Theatre @ Lincoln Center
Tickets at
Show info and audio interview:
New Yorkers, pick up 8/16/01 issue of Time Out
Also mentioned in The New Yorker at:

Kent State University
Poetry Reading
September 6 through 8, 2001
More about this later.

DC Myth Slam, Featured Poet
September 23, 2001 @ 8:00pm
TEAISM - downstairs
400 8th St. NW (the corner of 8th and D Sts.)
(202) 638.6010 venue number
1/2 block from the Navy Memorial/Archives Metro station (green and yellow lines)
4 blocks from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station (red, green, and yellow lines)
Cover: $5.00

Slamicide, Featured Poet
September 24, 2001 @ 7:30
Downstairs at XandO Coffee Bar
3003 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD
Cover $5

October 5, 2001
More details later.
It's at a gallery somewhere.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mecca Impact
Nov. 1, 2001

Nov. 3, 2001 I'll be leading a workshop about
how to understand that poetry is a business
and strategic planning for individual artists.
Better info about this later.

Chicago Green Mill
November 4 @ 7:30
10 minutes opening for Marc Smith's band
4802 N. Broadway (4800N, 1200W)
More about cover later

Odditorium: A Sideshow In Four Movements
November 7 @ 8:00
The Chicago Guild Complex
with Krista Franklin and other women
I'll be premiering excerpts from a new work, The Splooge Factory.
More about ticket prices later

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The Art Of Insulting - Chapter V - Intelligence Insults
Reason: sophomoric, misogynist, public masturbation