On the way to your house that afternoon I was on the Highway.
And on the highway
On the highway there was a rest stop, just a pull-off on the side of the
Side of the road. It was 11AM. It was New Years Day.
Warm like September
Streets covered in snow. Covered in snow. Covered in water. On the roof of the rest stop
The rest stop there were birds

There were birds. They were flying like snowballs,
white underbelly, stormy their backs
On their backs, They fell to the
Fell to the roof like glitter.
Like glimmer, like silver.

They fell to the street like ice from a rooftop, like shards of glass, like water

Like water.

They lifted again like paper, feathers crumpled and voices torn.
They lifted twice like there was no weight to be born.
They lifted again like diamonds and I watched them swell in the murderous wind.

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