View them both as avenues to worship god
Take care to
avoid persiflage
And save
Only those silences
on which you cannot hold
a stance taken and broken
is silver covering resolution
a precious mistake learn’t from
Expanses narrowed

have wandered in the world
Found everything worth emphasis
Now’ve drawn home
To windows empty all lamps dim
Half-Here in the dark
while I sleep, the bed remains empty
while I rest and pace within this room
there is no god, no artifice, no age speaking raillery

My heart says
A door Out go you
find any road on which to ply my feet, the hills and history of

Any given way gives nothing
I could traverse one path
Only and several times a day
Searching shadow with moonlight

There would still be no truth found
Minus the hand, the voice, the mountain
It is only in the act of drawing a picture becomes

Each existence is not the single futile chime of humiliation
yours is the chorus of humility
Lead yourself
It is the nonrevolution to fear
Anneal yourself to the devouring January wind

shed your scales under the cycle of the skies
call yourself down to the street

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