Emma announces her new year's resolutions
are to eat wholegrain bread instead of white
and to stop polluting the environment
with menstrual products.

She's bought a menstrual cup, in fact --
meant to last a whole ten years,
and you don't even know what
goes into those tampons, Emma says,
as if the answer were "asbestos".

Her eyes blaze like a freedom fighter's,
reflecting landfills swollen with maxi pads,
quiet mountain streams running red,
Emma Lawson, environmentalist,
future author of the critically acclaimed
Silent Snatch,
driven, she'd say, by a mysterious figure,
the icon of a Cigar Store Indian
weeping blood.

What I want to know is what she
does with it, with the blood,
if she washes the cup out under the tap
or what? And, preemptively, Emma answers
that she's heard it's good for houseplants.

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