Subtle winks.
Necklace fingering.
Absent minded self-caressing.
Tie stroking.

Wistful glances
over the conference table.
Leaning over the desk.
Standing too close.

Going for cigarette breaks
at the same time.
Dressing provacatively
to go to work.

Undressing with your eyes,
getting caught,
blushing uncontrollably
before making bold questioning eye contact.

I get a whiff of your cologne,
And wonder what
        could be
        should be
But never
        would be
Because you belong to
And you want her to be the
Of your children.
She's merely a
(For your seeds.)
I don't see why
She should be an
And I wonder what
You would say
If I made a
Of my love

I love it when we're
And often wonder
You know.
Do you ever think of me
Other than my
Do you want me
As an
The way that other men do?
Do you ever think it
That you cannot
Your heart on your sleeve
Because of that shining
Embedded on your

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