I am but a marionette
With strings tied to my heart
I do all that she commands me
Yet still, we are apart

I could never find another
She holds my life in hand
Parts of us are lovers
Parts are only friends

She finds my words endearing
My actions have few faults
Yet still she's disappearing
From my life.. but not my heart

I am but a marionette
With no player playing me
A hapless pile of wood and strings
Without her, I can't be.

-- AlexZander

He's entered my mind
Captured my heart
Taken my soul
With mere words
His thoughts have
penetrated me
probed me
stolen me
from reality
Swept me into fantasy
All control held in his hands
Lying at his feet**
He pulls the strings
I dance along
his marionette
But this doll, this toy
Sheds real tears
Feels real feelings
Thinks real thoughts
And so it suffers
But suffers silently
Dazed by his drugs
Tangled in his web
With his every word
His every touch
Silently enjoying it
For I have not the courage
To shut him off
Protect my serenity
my peace of mind
To awaken into reality
And find the other
at my side
With tears
In agony, betrayed
So I dance along
A marionette
Until reality

...for every net.romance that's consumed me...*sigh*

** -- originally was "laid"...still queasy about this line. Read without pause from the previous line and sorta "moaning" the "ly" (thanks, yossie) it sounds okay, but when skimming the poem, it may not fit.

I met a girl, whose name is Marionette
because her grandmother was French,
although her parents are from Pittsburgh.

Her name is Marionette and she dresses as if it is a party
every day, bright colors and shiny sandals that
do not match, except for her,
who makes exceptions.

Marionette works in a restaurant when she is not painting,
which is often so I mostly talk to her
with her back turned.

She says it is ok because she has eyes there.

They aren't as green as the others, I say
Yes, they are, she responds, in a low spooky voice,
you just can't see them.

Marionette, whom I hardly know,
sleeps with a nightlight
but won't tell me why.

Mar`i*o*nette" (?), n. [F. marionette, prop. a dim. of Marie Mary.]


A puppet moved by strings, as in a puppet show.

2. Zool.

The buffel duck.


© Webster 1913.

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