While the intended purpose of a night light is to comfort a child when he or she is about to sleep, it casts suspicious shadows on the bedroom walls and enlivens eyes with constant stares in wooden closet- and bedroom doors.
In my childhood, somehow with odd shadows on the wall, if my blanket covered my head and encased my arms, hands, feet, and legs, I was safe. When I stopped sleeping with a night light on, my blanket didn't have to protect me anymore.
Having no night light is okay if what you can't see doesn't scare you.
A night light is often seen as a comforter to a child when they go to bed at night. A night light can either be a dim lamp that is placed inside the bedroom or it could simply be just be the hall light left on and the bedroom door ajar so that the light can be seen. Children sometimes need a night light because they are scared of the dark and what will happen if there is no light in the room at all. Children very often imagine monsters and such characters to be roaming in their bedrooms and a night light tends to ease this worry.

Can I have a night light?
Yes, of course you can.
I'll put it on
the landing
to beat the bogeyman.

There are many different types of night light's available on the market for parents to buy their normally young children. Night lights come in many different shapes, sizes and colours in order to amuse the child through their sometimes scary night. It has been proven that children sleep better if there is a light present within the room as it reduces how tense they feel throughout the night. Colour also helps so if the light is coloured or the shade is the room turns into the colour of the lamp. It has been said that if the room looks a light yellow colour then the child has a less fretful night as the room looks more welcoming.

He doesn't like a bright light.
He doesn't like the glare.
It swallows up
the darkness
and shows he isn't there.

Night light is also a poem written by Jean Kenward. The verses of this poem are written in between each paragraph of this write up. The first stanza is written in a very conversational manner as though a small child is worried about monsters and the parent is trying to soothe the obviously upset young child. The following two stanzas of the short poem are basically talk of the night light and the fact that it scares the monsters away. The poem is written in a very simple manner as it is for a small child to read so it needs to be simple so they understand it.

You can have a night light
burning bright and strong
to drive away
the darkness
all the night long.

As a child I never actually had a night light as the dark was never really one of my fears. However, as I have got older I have started to think more about the dark and what it stands for. Sometimes when I am laid in bed at night I put a lamp on because I simply do not like the feeling of being in total and utter darkness. It seems silly when I think about it, a teenager who doesn't like the dark? How stupid. As you grow older though different things upset you more, things that can surprise you quite a bit but then again that is just how life goes.

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