I remember how she was stolen from her world, and I recall how she went
Sweetly insane inside the starship, and how she would bang on windows,
Calling out for some God to save her. Calling out for her lost Hero,
Screaming to be taken home again.

They found her in a box, earlier, all soft and silent, like a doll, and we pulled
Her free, taught her to walk again, braided her hair as she asked where Hero is…
And we cried for we had nothing to tell her.

And she held her sister close, allowing the occasional piggyback ride,
Playing with the black feathers, whispering to them…she was sweetly insane.
She sat in the rafters sometimes, swinging her legs and singing nonsense,
Beading the strands of her hair, and saying how Hero must be with God, and
How God must come get her too, soon.

She stood there one day, staring out of the great starship and I touched her shoulder.
Turning to me, she was crying, and she motioned to the stars,
And asked me where God was. I had no answer for her but to dry her tears with a
Feather, and hold her tight. There is no God she told me, and all I could do was
Cry for her lost Hero.

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